Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Standing Idle in Prime Retail Space

Standing Idle in Prime Retail Space ©2010 by Ken West, all Rights Reserved

Why had he come to this town, he asked himself, not really expecting an answer. To escape from what? To find what? He had no clue.

The buildings remained silent around him. To find shelter from the wind he leaned against the side of an alcove to nowhere. The place was not out of business, just no business yet.

“Prime Retail Space” said the sign. He wondered what was so “prime” about it. Perhaps all commercial real estate called itself prime. Who knew? Who cared?

So he stood and watched the cars and occasional buses zoom by, wondering why he was here.

A stubby woman wearing a black jacket and dirty sneakers stood nearby, smoking a cigarette.

But then a strange thing happened. She turned, saw him, and smiled. No apparent reason—just a smile.

His world view suddenly changed for the better.

Ken West, a former U.S. Army paratrooper, is the founder of Better Grip Media LLC and author of Get What You Want! Workbook… available worldwide on Amazon.com and other online booksellers. In the U.S. at http://bit.ly/alF9vp.

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