Saturday, March 6, 2010

Subway Man

Subway Man ©2010 by Ken West, all rights reserved

He was under the city in the cool, dark and musty subway tunnels. No trains were coming at the moment in any direction, nor did he hear or feel their presence. He walked slowly along the tracks with the blue lights on the tunnel walls as his guide. Peace and quiet.

Sooner or later they’d find him, but for now he was free.  The faint rumble of a distant train warned him to duck into a nearby electrical closet. In a minute or so a green subway train screeched by, some passengers gazing out the windows. Then a minute later another one came from the opposite direction.

Once it was quiet and safe again, he continued to walk on the railroad ties, being careful to stay clear of the live rail. Suddenly, a big brown rat ran across his path, and he almost fell on the tracks. Despite the rats, he loved the dark subway. It was where he felt the most in touch with himself. He’d been here for years, but eventually they’d find him and send him away. Where to, he didn’t know.

But, for now, he was safe.

Ken West, a former U.S. Army paratrooper, is president of Better Grip Media LLC and author of Get What You Want! Workbook… available worldwide on and other online booksellers. In the U.S. at

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